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Why Should You Switch To VoIP?

Lower your monthly phone payment

VoIP, Voice over Internet Protocol, is a modern solution that transmits voice calls over the Internet which means you are able to do away with the traditional phone line. This will typically save anywhere from 20-50% on your monthly phone bill. 

Efficient communication

Communication is the key to any successful work environment. If you cannot effectively communicate with your team and clients, your business will be negatively affected. VoIP will allow you to do just about anything with your phone system, from transferring remote worker calls to their cell, to calling international phone numbers without paying high per-minute rates. This hybrid-based architecture delivers the latest technology with proven reliability.

Benefits of VoIP


  • 99.999% guaranteed up-time reliability
  • Continuous, automated monitoring of all systems
  • Extensive disaster avoidance and recovery


  • Voice, fax, chat, video conferencing, and more!
  • Powerful contact center for busy agencies
  • Enterprise-grade features that improve customer experience and employee productivity


  • Find me-follow me call routing
  • Turn any computer into a fully-featured office phone
  • Connect with dozens of participants at once during voice and video conferencing

The DIS Difference

Clear Communication

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Quick Problem Solving

Our goal is to solve your technical issues as quickly as possible.Our employees are compensated to fix issues faster!

Technology Consulting

If it involves technology, we can advise you. From managing your technology vendors to consulting on your ERP/CRM.

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