Calendar Clicking

Advanced computer users are beginning to identify email phishing and malicious links in their emails.  As a result, scammers are finding new ways to lure even the most advanced users into clicking invalid links in their email.  By infiltrating your email calendar invitations and your meeting reminders, scammers are capitalizing on “every day clicks” to penetrate computers and personal data.

As most people find calendar reminders helpful during a busy work day, we must be mindful of everyday cyber-criminal activities. Criminals are sending “meeting invitations”, expecting you to skim through the content and click “dismiss”, which essentially allows them access to your data before you even realize it.

This information is not meant to overwhelm you with fear but to help educate you and take preventative steps before this happens to you. Follow the simple steps below to ensure this hack does not happen to you.


Outlook Calendar Users

  • Google Calendar → Settings (gear icon) → Event Settings
  • Under Event Settings, select “automatically add invitations” option →  select “No, only show invitations to which I’ve responded.”
  • Under “view options”, uncheck the “show declined events” option.
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