Build Uncrackable Passwords

Technology is constantly expanding, and with new technology comes better ways of hacking into seemingly secure platforms. At the end of the day, 81% of data breaches are due to poor passwords. Too many people change their passwords to something simple and easy to hack, because let’s face it… remembering a complex password is nearly impossible – so we say.

Use a phrase

  • Around 12 letters long
  • Something simple to remember, but hard to crack
  • Can integrate things you like or do to make it more memorable
  • Example: Panasonic microwaves create micro waves to superheat soup

Keep each account unique

  • Never use the same password more than once

Play with spellings

  • Use homonyms
    • Two instead of to
    • Ant instead of Aunt
  • Example: Pana$onic microwavez create micro wavez 2 $uperheat $oup

Random capitalization and numbers

  • Use numbers and capitalizations but keep it memorable
  • Idea: You can use a capital letter on the second word of every password
  • Idea: You can use the same number behind the first word of every password
  • Example: Pana$onic microwaves Create micro Wavez 2 Superheat $oup
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