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Our Approach:

Data is the lifeblood of your business. Ensuring that your data is protected from its vast array of threats can be the ultimate insurance and often grants total peace of mind.

Backup and Disaster Recovery technologies have saturated the market with their sophisticated lingo and empty promises. Deciphering which solution fits your needs quickly becomes overwhelming.

As your technology consultant, we will help you ask the right questions and align your business with the right Backup and Disaster Recovery solutions.

Unfortunately it is no longer a question if disaster will strike, but when?
If Disaster strikes – are you prepared?

Here are some questions for you to get started:

How do I know my backups are protected from hackers?

Unfortunately, many backup technologies on the market are easily corruptible and visible on the network. As a result, they become the first target for Threat Actors (hackers).

We design an infrastructure that hides your backup processes from prying eyes using 256-bit encryption and depositing copies of your environment at numerous locations, both at your location as well as cloud and off premise locations.

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How quickly can my data be restored?

The phrase “Time is Money” is never more clearly evidenced than during a disaster. We work with you in advance to understand your operational cost per hour and develop a backup infrastructure that minimizes down time and loss of productivity.

We will get your business back on its feet quickly, without breaking the bank.

How Do I know my backups are usable?

In addition to our automated reporting and procedures, we apply a human element to our backup processes. Since your data’s functionality is so critical, we dedicate multiple team members to daily inspect every client backup to ensure its usability and functionality.

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