Auto-Fill = Financial Loss

Manually filling your credentials into the Internet browser may become tedious, so Chrome’s auto-fill feature is a useful tool for users. A recent study revealed that the auto-fill feature can put many users at security risk, which can ultimately lead to financial loss or exposure of personal information (name, number, address, credit card information, etc.) to unauthorized users. The problem with auto-fill is that all the data can be synchronized with a Google account without your knowledge, which leads to a potential risk of 3rd party attackers accessing your Google account credentials.

Did you know your information can be leaked through hidden fields?

The developer of a site can add hidden fields that can take your information without you knowing. These hidden features are not completely hidden from the user, they are just outside of the visible screen. While the user fills out certain fields in the website, your browser will autofill the fields needed as well as filling out the hidden fields.

How do you avoid this risk?

There are two ways of avoiding the risk of unauthorized users accessing your personal information through an Internet browser. The first would be to analyze the source code of the web page before submitting any information; however, it is a bit unpractical because it requires technical know-how that all people may not obtain. The second way of avoiding this risk is by disabling the auto-fill feature permanently from your settings.

How do I disable auto-fill in Chrome?

Step 1 – Load Google Chrome browser
Step 2 – Click on the upper right-side corner of your browser window to open “Settings”
Step 3 – Click on the “Advanced Setting” to scroll down to the “Passwords and forms” section
Step 4 – Remove the check mark from “Enable Auto-fill to fill out web forms in a single click” and “Offer to save your web passwords”

Although auto-fill saves time and frustration with not having to manually enter in data, it is important to take these risks seriously. A hacker can steal personal information and even thousands of dollars. Be sure to disable auto-fill today for your own safety. Contact DIS for more ways of protecting you and your company from potential hackers.

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