Regularly Updating Your Computer To Eliminate Vulnerabilities!

As technology continues to grow, there is an emphasis of protecting your computer due to ransom-ware vulnerabilities. Microsoft became aware of this vulnerability and emphasized the importance of keeping your computer updated. The customers of Microsoft that decided not to update their computers were more vulnerable to attacks, so it is crucial to regularly update your computer.

What is a security update and why do I need it?

Due to an increase in cyber-attacks, Microsoft releases frequent updates on its software. These updates occur on the second Tuesday of every month (known as Patch Tuesday) that may have new features or designs, but most importantly provides security fixes. Microsoft allows you to select the option to automatically update your computer when there are available updates, rather than having to install them manually.

How do I check for updates Windows 10?
Settings – Update and Security – Windows Update and click Check for Updates.
How do I check for updates Windows 8.1?
Settings – Change PC Settings – Update and Recovery – Windows Update – click Check Now

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