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The digital world is very much like a mirror of the physical world. People get attacked, mugged, bullied, robbed… They also get a flat tire or slip down the stairs.

In this series of short articles, that are kept non-technical when possible, we will try to help you understand the danger, and better protect yourself from it.

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Spoofing Microsoft

Spoofing Microsoft! “There Has Been an Unusual Sign-in Activity on Your Microsoft Account” Has Become a Phishing Email Now! The latest phishing campaign is in fact spoofing Microsoft to steal users’ credentials.  →The emails look nearly identical to Microsoft’s real email alerts, and the sender’s address is the same as Microsoft’s legitimate account security email address: account-security-noreply@accountprotection.microsoft.com. Users have been receiving the...

URL Breakdown

So What is a URL?Websites do not actually have "names". They are referred to by numbers;, for example, is the address of Amazon.  →Instead of having to remember all these numbers to navigate the internet, they get a nickname each. A Uniform Resource Locator.In the picture above is a breakdown for a typical URL, and here are the main parts of it, and what you should be looking for. Protocol: If it were HTTP (Hypertext Transfer Protocol) that would mean...

WiFi – Free Doesn’t Mean Safe

WiFi – Free Doesn’t Mean Safe Do you rely on Wi-Fi while at a restaurant or hotel?While on business trips or vacations, selecting a hotel with Wi-Fi access is crucial to staying connected to the rest of the world. Many people do not realize the security risks of accessing Wi-Fi outside of your home. Most people are willing to sacrifice their security for quick and free Wi-Fi access. According to the 2017 Norton Wi-Fi Risk Report, 92% of Americans have potentially...

Auto-fill: Can Lead to Financial Loss

Auto-Fill Can Lead To Financial Loss And Exposure Of Personal Information Is your personal information being exposed? Manually filling your credentials into the Internet browser may become tedious, so Chrome’s auto-fill feature is a useful tool for users. A recent study revealed that the auto-fill feature can put many users at security risk, which can ultimately lead to financial loss or exposure of personal information (name, number, address, credit card...

Blue Keep

Update Your Windows Operating System, ASAP!The CISA which is the Department of Homeland Security’s Cybersecurity and Infrastructure Security Agency is warning users and administrators of Windows operating systems to update their machines and install the latest patch as soon as possible.> The Effort The effort aims at preventing both companies and individual users from falling victims to a new vulnerability officially named CVE-2019-0708, known in the...

A Warning Call

Those are fraudulent phone calls, are aiming at stealing your personal information, hoping to either use it in their malicious / criminal activity or sell it on the dark web for other cyber criminals to do so.


US vs Iran, A Cyber warfare

The U.S. Launched a Cyber Attack on Iran, Federal Agencies Are Warning of Expected Spear Phishing Strike Backs!> Iran downed an American drone last week so president Trump has authorized a cyberattack against Iran which took down missile control computers on the night of June 20th. Details of the attack have remained undisclosed, but it was described by internal sources from Cyber Com as crippling. In retaliation to the American attack, experts and federal agencies are expecting a spike in...


Phishing Exploiting Equifax Breach

Don't get robbed twice! The Equifax Data Breach that compromised close to 100 million records resulted in a settlement; and those affected have a choice between free credit monitoring or a $125 payment. →Cyber criminals are taking advantage of this breach have already developed a new scam. They are sending emails claiming to be Equifax and requesting personal information to “verify your eligibility” to receive the settlement. > Equifax Lost Personally Identifiable Information. As you may...

Calendar Phishing

Calendar Phishing... A stranger sends a meeting invitation that you never opened or replied to... But your calendar automatically sets a reminder for the meeting →As the "meeting" approaches, a reminder pops up on your screen for a meeting that you do not recall. So, you click to see what it is... you have been phished!> It turns out that your calendar set a reminder for a meeting you did not accept. Many calendars' default settings will automatically set reminders prior to the meeting you...

How To Spot a Phishing Attack

Learn How To Spot A Phishing Attack Would you know if you were the subject of a phishing attack?Many people claim that they would be able to tell right away if they received an email from an illegitimate source. If that were the case, there wouldn’t be 1.5 million new phishing sites every month, a 65% increase in attacks in the last year, and hackers would have moved on to their next idea for swindling people out of their identities and money. How do you spot a phishing attack and avoid...

What Is Phishing

Just like any other crime, there are countless ways to conduct Phishing.
The Phisher casts a bait, and waits to see who will bite.

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