Managed IT

  • Do I Need Managed IT Services?

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  • What Happens if Our Servers Are Destroyed?

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  • How Much Money Can I Save?

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  • Website Development

  • Why Have a Business Website?

    Having a website for your business hugely increases your reach to potential customers, helps build your brand image and showcase the services you offer.

    Around 80% of consumers research a company online before making a purchase. A business website helps you provide the information you want them to see and increases conversions.

  • What Knowledge Do I Need to Have?

    When you hire DIS to create and maintain your website, you don’t need any technical expertise.

    Just provide us with the information you want displayed on the website and we’ll take care of the design, security and maintenance.

  • Can I Sell My Products and Services on My Website?

    Yes! DIS can setup an e-commerce website allowing you to sell anything you want through your website.

  • How Much Does It Cost for a Business Website?

    There is no set price.

    This cost depends on the complexity of the website and the number of custom pages. Contact us if you would like a quote.

  • What Do I Get by Choosing DIS for My Website?

    By choosing DIS Computers to create and host your website, you will benefit from the following:

    • A modern, mobile-friendly design
    • Optimized for speed, security and search engines
    • Free SSL certificate
    • A branded email ([email protected])
    • Routine updates to core software and addons
    • Automated backups in the cloud
    • Expert support for anything you need

  • I Already Have a Website, Can DIS Host It?

    Absolutely! We can migrate your website to our servers and from there, you’ll receive expert support and monitoring.

  • ADA Compliance

  • What Is ADA?

    ADA (Americans with disabilities Act of 1990) is a civil rights law that prohibits discrimination based on disability.

    In the current digital age, this extends to website accessibility.

  • Who Is Required to Be ADA Compliant?

    Most businesses will be required to be ADA compliant, there are very few exceptions. If either of the following apply, your business website must be ADA compliant:

    • Any business relying on the public for their benefit
    • Private companies that have 15 or more employees

    Even if your business does not meet this criteria, it’s still a good idea to have an ADA compliant website.

  • How Do I Become ADA Compliant?

    While there are no official guidelines or checklist to become ADA compliant, it is necessary to make at least a good faith effort to ensure website accessibility.

    The WCAG 2.0 AA checklist set by W3C is good to follow. DIS aims for this level of compliance where possible. ADA Compliance at this level includes:

    • A website can be used with a screen reader
    • Setting ALT text for all images
    • Ensuring the website can be used without a mouse
    • Making the website predictable
    • Applying sensible levels of contrast

    This is far from an exhaustive list.

    If your website is completely unusable by people with disabilities, you do risk a lawsuit.

  • How Much Does It Cost for ADA Compliance?

    There is no set price.

    Every website is different and some have more pages than others. Contact us if you would like a quote.

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