Emotet Malware Concerns

As malware continues to become more sophisticated, another type of malware, known as Emotet malware, is a major area of concern. Emotet malware was originally designed to steal banking information. As it has evolved, Emotet malware has become a major threat to users by using stolen attachments to gain access to and attack contacts. This is the first time that hackers are able to “add credibility” to emails by using stolen attachments. These hackers are essentially hijacking existing email threads and adding a malicious attachment or URL to the email.

So what steps can you take to protect your organization? 

1. Secure All Devices On Network

Ensure that you don’t have unsecured devices on your network. Contact us here if you need assistance or email us at [email protected]

2. Keep Devices Up To Date

Make sure all devices have the latest endpoint protection by keeping all devices up to date. By doing so, you can dramatically reduce the risk of infection.

3. Security Awareness Program

Invest in a security awareness training program. DIS provides one of the most sophisticated security awareness training programs. Contact Christine here or email her at [email protected] for more information regarding this program.

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