Disaster Recovery Planning

Regardless of your company size, a backup and disaster recovery plan is essential. Rarely does a company expect to encounter a disaster, so it is important to be proactive rather than reactive when it comes to your company’s data. A couple reasons why a company should have a backup and disaster recovery plan are:

Digitize Documents

DIS can digitize your hard documents so your information is being backed up in the Cloud. This helps companies manage paperwork more efficiently, rather than wasting office space with cabinets of hard documents.

Data Recovered in Minutes

In the event of a disaster and losing all your data, your company could end up going out of business. Our system allows for regular, automated backups to multiple data centers. The benefits of backups being sent to multiple data centers are that your information is being backed up in multiple places assuring that if your company has a disaster, you will be up and running in no time. This is great because regardless of the disaster, it will not disrupt your business and will ensure survival of your organization.

Natural Disasters  

The worst part about disasters are that they come when you least expect it. After disaster strikes, many companies that are affected are forced to declare bankruptcy if they do not have a strong backup and disaster recovery plan. Our Cloud based platform will ensure that all your documents are being restored multiple times per day.

Legal Standards

Businesses must comply with many different legal standards, while maintaining the security of customers private information. Give yourself peace of mind knowing that your information and customer information is secure, reliable, and easily accessible.

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