Don’t get robbed twice!

The Equifax Data Breach that compromised close to 100 million records resulted in a settlement; and those affected have a choice between free credit monitoring or a $125 payment. →

Cyber criminals are taking advantage of this breach have already developed a new scam. They are sending emails claiming to be Equifax and requesting personal information to “verify your eligibility” to receive the settlement.

> Equifax Lost Personally Identifiable Information.

As you may have already heard, or read on our blog, the Equifax credit bureau has had a breach and close to 100 Million records have been leaked. This resulted in a settlement whereby Equifax is offering free credit monitoring OR up to $125 for their clients who may already be with a provider and paying for this service.

Thieves on the internet are never far behind an event like this, and sure enough, they’ve caught on! Petty thieves and organized crime alike are sending an email claiming to be Equifax, and requesting information to “verify your eligibility” to receive this $125. This is a picture of the email.

> The link to join the meeting is the phishing link.

If you received this email, we urge you to refrain from clicking on any link.

If you need to check if your data has been affected (as not everyone’s information was compromised) please visit the Federal Trade Commission website and follow this link to “File A Claim”

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A Warning Call

Those are fraudulent phone calls, are aiming at stealing your personal information, hoping to either use it in their malicious / criminal activity or sell it on the dark web for other cyber criminals to do so.

> So What If You Need To Know?

Please do not click on any links and do not provide your information to solicitors. If you need to know if your data has been affected – you can visit the Federal Trade Commission website, they have a page where you can click a big clue button and make a claim. Here is the link to that.

If you want to go straight to Equifax website where you can make your claim this is the link

Share this blog post with your friends, family and on your social media. Criminals do ruin real lives with offenses like this and our best defense is knowledge. Let everyone you know have this knowledge.

Users always need to stay alert and not enter any personal information on the sites they find fishy and should use a reliable security solution to remain safe.

But the best treatment remains prevention; learn how to read a URL and never click the wrong link again here on DIS Blog.

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