Server Hosting

Let DIS take care of all your server needs so you don’t have to worry about it!

We look for small errors and warning signs that allow us to address issues before they turn into big problems that may cause outages, downtime, loss of productivity, and/or corruption of data.

We conduct a weekly analysis of:

  • Errors, warnings, and informational alerts
  • Server disk space, utilization, and health of server(s)
  • Print queues, terminal server sessions, mail queues, bad mail, et cetera
  • Memory usage and virtual memory utilization
  • Processor utilization and performance
  • Server Health Monitor Alerts (for small business server only)

We also perform a:

  • Daily review of backup log
  • Weekly confirmation that anti-virus program(s) are updating on server
  • Weekly running windows update on server(s), including installation of any pertinent service packs, security updates and patches
  • Monthly reporting on any problem resolution, status of hot fixes or patches applied
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