Don’t Let Viruses Slow You Down!

Even with the best anti-virus software, your PC can get infected by viruses and malware simply by visiting a website. Don’t let viruses destroy your valuable data or expose your most private information to hackers and spammers.

– Is your PC running slower than normal?
– Does your PC freeze occasionally?
– Is your PC unresponsive to your mouse and your keyboard commands?
– Do you have a lot of pop ups asking you to purchase anti-virus software?
– Does going on the Internet take forever?

Spyware Removal
You probably don’t realize it, but while you’re browsing the Internet someone is dropping little programs onto your PC called malware. Malware simply tracks your Internet activities and can turn your PC into a spamming machine. Before you know it, your PC has slowed down to a crawl and no longer functions the way it used to.

Most people that have valid anti-virus software think it’s enough to stop spyware from infecting their PC. However, some of the most popular anti-virus software doesn’t even detect malware or spyware.

Before you know it, your domain is listed as spam and your ISP is investigating you. Even your emails start to bounce back, which can greatly affect your business.

With combined experience totaling more than 50 years, our technicians are qualified to diagnose and address these issues promptly and efficiently. They have the tools and knowledge to deal with these problems. On average, our technicians touch over 500 PCs per month, thus they know how to remove spyware and spam from your network.

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